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When seeing a psychologist isn’t an option, our self-help resources offer a deeper level of personalization than traditional self-help apps and mental health tools.

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From tracking progress over time to providing helpful feedback, we make psychological insight easy to understand as you work toward your unique goals.

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With Psych Insights, every week brings a new lineup of immersive, hands-on content, custom evidence-based strategies, personalized resources, and more.

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Developed by a qualified psychologist, our engaging video content offers helpful and practical tips you can start implementing today as you work toward better mental health.

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We all have different needs and goals. With a built-in goal tracker, you can set, monitor, and check off your accomplishments while inspiring future growth.

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Our real-time mood-tracking dashboard empowers you to make sense of your emotions. From there, you can demystify the why behind what you’re feeling.

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From time to time, everyone needs a nudge in the right direction. Whether that’s a custom note, a motivational message, or a helpful tip, our reminders keep you on track.

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